The following are my posts about the experience of using archlinux. (Applications, Games, Hardware, Configuration, troubleshooting, etc.)


- Installing festival in archlinux - general multi-lingual speech synthesis system

Boot & Login Manager

- How to add another OS (ubuntu, windows, dual /multi boot,etc) on Archlinux Grub
- How to Add Android-x86 to Archlinux Grub List 
- How to Install Plymouth on Archlinux 
- How to Install & Configure SLIM login manager on Archlinux

CD/DVD Tools 

- Using Brasero CD/DVD Tools in Archlinux
- How to mount iso/img file on Archlinux without root user

Design Software

- Sweet Home 3D - Draw the plan of your house - Archlinux

Desktop Environments & Windows Manager


- Budgie Desktop on Archlinux


- Install Deepin Desktop Environment on Archlinux
- Change Deepin Background / Wallpaper with Wally in Archlinux
- Deepin Screenshot on Archlinux


- How to Install Gnome 3 on Archlinux with some Basic extensions


- How to Install Plasma / KDE Desktop on Archlinux
- Take screenshot on Plasma/KDE Desktop in archlinux 
- How to change window decorations in KDE 4
- Change Default KDE start menu with Lancelot Start Menu
- How to Install KDE Desktop Environment on Archlinux (KDE 4)


- How to install LXDE Desktop on Archlinux 
- LXDM Configuration on Archlinux (Theme, Autologin, Default DE)
- How to change LXDE task bar / window list into Smooth task/Dockbarx/Win7 style on Archlinux
- How to take screenshot on LXDE desktop on Archlinux
- How to install & change LXDE icon theme on archlinux
- How to Change start menu icon on LXDE Panel Archlinux
- Create LXDE Fn Key Shortcut for Brightness & Volume on Archlinux
- How to change LXDE theme on Archlinux 
- How to install LXDE Admin on Archlinux - GUI Configuration For LXDE Desktop 
- More about LX Panel on Archlinux LXDE 
- How to Change Right Click Menu on LXDE into openBox mode and vice versa


- How to Install XFCE Dekstop Environment on Archlinux
- How to Configure XFCE Desktop on Archlinux
- How to change XFCE appearance (theme, icons, wm, etc) on Archlinux
- How to get conky transparent with XFCE 4.x on Archlinux 


- How to Install & Configuring Fluxbox Window Manager on Archlinux 


- How to install & Configuring  Awesome window manager on Archlinux


- How to Install & Configure ICEWM window manager on Archlinux 

Development Tools (Java, SDK, etc)

- How to install arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc on Archlinux (GCC compiler for arm) 
- How to connect Android Devices on Archlinux via ADB (android debug bridge) 
- How to install Android SDK, Android Platfrom tools (adb, aapt, ddms, fastboot, etc) on Archlinux

Download Manager & Tools

- WGet - command-line download manager in archlinux
- gwget - GUI for wget download manager in archlinux


- Install Google earth in Archlinux
- Stellarium - Photo Realistic Sky Generator - Archlinux
- How to Install & configuring Zekr on Archlinux

Semantik - mindmapping-like tool for document generation

File Management & Archive Tools

- How to extract archives (tar.gz, zip, rar, etc) GUI mode on archlinux
- Double Commander - File manager that inspired by Total Commander -Archlinux
- How to access android and Windows phone media transfer protocol (MTP) in archlinux
- How to use 7zip on Archlinux command Line

Graphic Cards

- Blank Screen after upgrading Archlinux (intel GMA 945)
- Installing Nvidia Driver on Archlinux
- Installing open source ATI/AMD/RADEON VGA driver on Archlinux

Icon, Docks, Fonts, Panel & Screensaver

- How to install Faenza Icons on Archlinux
- How to install xscreensaver on Archlinux
- How to install & configuring conky on Archlinux
- Installing Common Fonts & Font viewer on Archlinux
- Docky - simply dock application for archlinux 
- Dock Application for Archlinux (Cairo Dock & Avant Window Navigator) 
- PyPanel, lightweight panel for WM on Archlinux 
- Idesk - icon Manager for window manager (icewm, fluxbox, openbox, etc)



- Install Firefox Browser on Archlinux
- Install Opera Browser in Archlinux
- Elinks - free text-based console web browser - Archlinux


- IRC Clients for archlinux 
- Whatsie - Use Whatsapp on Archlinux 
- How to Install Naver LINE on Archlinux 
- Ring - A GNU Crossplatform Messenger (Chat, Talk, Share Files, Video call)

Email Clients 

- Balsa - Simple and light email client on Archlinux
- Claws Mail - Lightweight email client for archlinux
- How to Install & Configure Mozilla Thunderbird (Email Client) on Archlinux

Online Storage 

- SpiderOakONE - Secure file backup, sync and sharing client for archlinux

Linux Games & Emulator

Dos Emulator

- DOSEmu - DOS Emulator on archlinux
- How to install dosbox and running the games/apps on Archlinux 

Linux Games

- Minetest - free and open source block sandbox games  - alternative to minecraft
- Pingus - Lemmings look like games for archlinux 

Console Emulator 

- Run Your Playstation 2 Games on Archlinux with PCSX2
- Dolphin emulator - play your Gamecube & wii on Archlinux 

Mobile Phones Tools

Windows Phone

- How to access windows phone files wireless using easy transfer in archlinux
- Mount Iphone 5C as storage devices on Archlinux

Multimedia Player 

- How to install audacious music player on archlinux
- LXMusic - LXDE Music Player on Archlinux 
- How to install flashplayer & multimedia codecs on Archlinux
QMMP - Qt Based Multimedia Player in Archlinux


- How to connect Android Phone on Archlinux as Internet 
- How to Setup Wifi Connection on Archlinux via Terminal
- How to Connect internet using wvdial (ZTE AC2726 & ZTE AC682 Modems) 
- How to install GUI Network Settings (Network manager) on Archlinux
- How to install bluetooth manager on Archlinux

Office & Productivity

Accounting - Finance

- Money Manager Ex - personal finance software for archlinux
- GNUCash - Free accounting software for archlinux 

Office & Document Tools

- How to install libreoffice on Archlinux
- Convert HTML Pages into PDF in archlinux using HTML2PDF
- YAGF - Scan and extract text from images in archlinux 
- Taking Note with Xournal in Archlinux 
- How to Install Kingsoft Office / WPS office on Archlinux with English Language 
- How to install ABBYY Fine Reader 5.0 (OCR) on Archlinux 
- How to install PDF reader (Adobe reader, xpdf, foxit reader, okular, epdf, etc) on Archlinux

 Task Planning 

- Makagiga - To do list, feed reader, text editing application in archlinux

Pacman, Software Installer & Repository

- How to set up Archlinux Repository Manually
- Ignore signature check when doing pacman command on Archlinux 
- Generate Pacman Key on Archlinux
- How to solve Glibc "/lib exists in filesystem" on Archlinux Update
- How to run 32bit application on Archlinux 64 bit 
- How to remove package and its dependencies on Archlinux
- /bin, /sbin, /usr/sbin exists in filesystem when upgrading archlinux (2013/6/3) 
- How to Install Yaourt for Installing AUR packages on Archlinux 
- How to Install PacmanXG4 - Pacman & AUR GUI software manager on Archlinux
- How to install gtkpacman (GUI Pacman Software manager) on Archlinux
- How to extract & install deb files in Archlinux manually 
Installing Appimage in Archlinux | Linux apps that run anywhere

Partition & Recovery Tools

- How to install Gparted on Archlinux
- How to create swap partition on Archlinux
- How to access & automounting internal disks & usb media (Linux, FAT32, NTFS) via File Manager on Archlinux
- Partition Image - Tools for backup partition into a compressed image file 
- TestDisk - Partition & file recovery application 
- How to format usb storage (flashdisk, sdcard, mmc, etc) on archlinux
- Create Ext3/Ext4 MicroSD Partition using Gparted for LinkSD (app2sd android)

Printing & Scanning Tools

- How to install HP Deskjet 1000 on Archlinux
- Fix "Filter Failed" when printing using HP Deskjet 1000 on Archlinux
- How to install scanner and OCR tools on Archlinux

Remote Desktop

- Remote another PC and mobile devices using Teamviewer in archlinux
- How to remote Windows desktop in archlinux using chrome remote desktop

Security & Antivirus

- Clean the USB/Flash Drive From Viruses using archlinux 
- Using fingerprint for login/su/sudo with Fprint on Archlinux

Screen Recording Tools

- Open Broadcaster Software - Screen Recorder & Streaming on archlinux
- Record Arch Linux Desktop using recordMyDesktop
- Create scanline layer for better easycap appearance using Terminal on archlinux
- Setting up EasyCap using VLC on Archlinux
- How to record desktop into GIF using byzanz on Archlinux

System & Configuration

- How to move from initscript to systemd on Archlinux
- How to set local time on Archlinux 
- How to show archlinux system information in cli using archey & screenfetch 
- How to Setup Time & Date (GUI) on Archlinux

Terminal / Console

- Terminal emulator that support background image on Archlinux


- How to boot a hard disk that has archlinux installed using VirtualBox VM in Windows OS

Web Cam Tools

- How to Install Webcam Software on Archlinux

Web Server, HTML Editor & Web Development

- How to Install Lamp (Linux Apache Mysql PHP) web Server on Archlinux
- How to install Kompozer a WYSIWYG Html editor on Archlinux