Thursday, May 16, 2013

How to change XFCE appearance (theme, icons, wm, etc) on Archlinux

To eyecandy your XFCE desktop, you can get the theme on sites, there are lot of theme, icon, etc. Before that, you must create .themes folder on your home desktop first.

$mkdir ~/.themes

1. Installing & Setup Themes on XFCE
To Start set up theme. Find Themes on, for this example, i will apply this themes:

Download the themes, then extract it:

There are two items, icon & themes,copy any folder inside themes into .themes like this picture. 

And for the icons, copy folder inside icons to /usr/share/icons, but on this themes the icons is useless, just skip it.

Then open Start Menu -> Settings -> Appearance, Now the themes is added. 

Click to apply.

2. Installing Icons on XFCE

Here's the list icon that you can install (available on official repo)

And from AUR:

If you get from other sources, simply copy folder icons into /usr/share/icons,

Then open Settings Appearance, then choose Icons Tab, then set your icons.

3. Change Fonts
open settings -> appearance ->Fonts Tab, then set your prefered fonts.

4. Change Window Manager
Open Settings -> Window Manager -> Style Tab

To install new window manager, same as installing themes, copy folder of wm themes, into .themes folder.

5. Change Mouse Cursor
Open -> Settings -> Mouse & Touchpad -> Theme Tab

For more cursor themes, search on PacmanXG4.

6. Change Windows list / buttons on Panel looks Win 7 Style.
Right click on panel, then panel, -> Panel preferences > Items Tab, choose windows buttons. then edit. Uncheck Show Button Labels

Then your windows button will like this:

Ok that's about appearance on XFCE.
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