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Assalamualaikum.Wr.Wb. Bro/Sis

My names is R.H wardana. Using linux since 2009. Using archlinux since 2011 until now. using computer since 1994 and ms.dos was my first OS on my computer long-long ago. This blog is my personal post about archlinux. With a bad english language. :p. But the content is not archlinux only, but anything that i post with using archlinux machines.. ;d

I'm not an expert, my background is in the field of public health. My job is selling baby milk and   managing kindergarten schools. There is no background in IT education or computer. In my blog post, I just share my experience with archlinux based on this "noob" / "newbie"  user like me. If you feel a newbie, don't feel archlinux is difficult, just follow the wiki step by step, then archlinux is easy. :). Because i'm newbie too..... :p.

I'm using Toshiba Portege R-30 and Dell Inspiron N4110 for write post and play with archlinux. Before it i'm using satellite portege m600 (almost 2 years with archlinux without reinstalling it), then satelitte c640 2013-2018 with archlinux almost 5 years without reinstalling it, but this laptop is death now. :(

My favourite Desktop Environment is LXDE. :)

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I will help as much as i can .. :D

Sorry for the  bad language.