For Official Installation Guide you can follow on Archlinux Wiki Below.

Preparation before archlinux installation

How to create live usb Archlinux using unetbootin & dd
How to create linux partition using gparted 

Installation in Non UEFI / Legacy BIOS System

Here's my experience installing Archlinux in Laptop (Non UEFI):

Toshiba Satellite C640
I installed Archlinux on this laptop, still using Core Image Media. And for the tutorial as follows. (No need to follow the tutorial below, it has expired) The following tutorial is just for documentation.

How to Install Archlinux 2011 Core Image

This laptop has been installed archlinux for a long time, starting from 2011 to 2018. But in early 2018 this laptop was damaged and can no longer be used. The hard disk that has been installed with archlinux is removed from the laptop. Then I use it as an external hard drive and boot archlinux in my latest laptop "Toshiba Portege R30-A." to continue a "rolling release model.." :D

Dell Inspiron N4110
For dell Inspiron i'm using the latest guide from arch wiki.  And here's my documentation:

How to install archlinux Net Install

On this laptop archlinux has been installed since 2013. And it is still used today and the system remains updated. So it's been around 5 years.

Toshiba Portege R-30
This laptop is my main laptop for work. Therefore, I can't do the experiment for installing Archlinux on this laptop. But I have a Toshiba C640 HDD that is damaged, and I changed it to an external HDD, I'm happy that i can still run Archlinux on the Toshiba R30 using an external HDD (booting via external HDD without any configuration, boot and run). And what's on the old laptop all goes well on this Toshiba R30.


I have a UEFI laptop with only Toshiba Portege R-30 A, but because this laptop has the Legacy Bios feature, the installation process is the same as non-UEFI. However, I did not install archlinux in this system, but booted archlinux using an external hard drive.

For Archlinux Installation in UEFI system. Here is a collection of documentation that I obtained from another web. Hopefully it can help you install the Archive on UEFI System.

Official Wiki:

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface

Dual boot with windows





From another webblog:
Dual Boot Installation of Archlinux with PreInstalled Windows 10 With Encryption

Arch Linux Installation (preinstalled windows 8.1 dual boot)

Install Archlinux on Ideapad Y700

From Youtube:
Archlinux install in less than 10 minutes on a UEFI system by Kai Hendry
Archlinux UEFI step by step installation guide by Average Linux User

Some Troubleshooting:
No System-boot menu on dual boot Windows 10 & Arch

Things that need to be done after installing Archlinux

How to create user & manage usergroups on Archlinux
Add user to sudoers on Archlinux
Installing Nvidia Driver on Archlinux
Installing open source ATI/AMD/RADEON VGA driver on Archlinux
Installing Intel VGA Driver on Archlinux
How to install sound drivers on archlinux
How to set local time on Archlinux
How to create swap partition on archlinux
How to install x window system (X11) on Archlinux 

Any package on posts above you can install when installing archlinux using pacstrap, so you can configure directly after reboot.

Archlinux Arm on Android

This tutorial is outdated, maybe still working in 2018, but i'm not sure. Just try by yourself.. :p
Installing Archlinux Arm on Any Android devices.