Saturday, January 5, 2013

Installing Nvidia Driver on Archlinux

The nvidia driver is available on Archlinux repository. And it is recommended to use package from repository to prevent problem when upgrading archlinux system.
To install it there are two different packages:

Installing NVidia Propietary driver:

$sudo su
#pacman -S nvidia nvidia-utils

For this example, i'm using NVidia 9300GS

Installing Nvidia Driver on Archlinux

With Nvidia utilities, i can set twinview easily.

Installing Nvidia Driver on Archlinux

Note: Based On wiki, propietary driver not work on EFI system. Only Bios that work. The alternative way use open source driver below.

Installing Nvidia Open source drivers:

#pacman -S libgl xf86-video-nouveau

If you have installed nvidia propietary
#pacman -Rdds nvidia nvidia-utils
# pacman -S --asdeps libgl

To enable 3D acceleration:
#pacman -S nouveau-dri
for 64bit:
#pacman -S nouveau-dri lib32-noveau-dri

KMS is required, to add it,
#nano /etc/mkinitcpio.conf
add nouveau like this

save (ctrl+x), then
#mkinitcpio -p linux

For more documentations if my post is not updated you can follows below:
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