Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to change LXDE theme on Archlinux

Is LXDE theme can be modify? Yes, LXDE can use GTK 2.0 Engine theme, but where to get LXDE theme?, there's no, but you can get it on There are many GTK 2.0 Theme available.

On LXDE gtk not applied to window manager, because LXDE using openbox. To change window manager theme you can find on openbox theme on To make it easy install the obconf first.
$sudo pacman -S obconf

Okay first find the themes that you like, open, search for gtk2 themes.

Here's for examples:

For download link:

Then extract, and paste the folder into .themes, if you don't have .themes folder just create it.

Then open Customize looks and feel. To apply the new theme.

Ok that's about GTK Themes, then how about window manager, you must open obconf, or openbox configuration manager. To install the themes is same as above lxde theme, just copy folder to .theme, but if you have obt file just install it from openbox configuration manager. Like this:

 Then now choose the openbox themes to apply.

Ok that's it now choose the themes on box-look, or that suitable with your style... :D

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