Monday, October 17, 2016

Docky - simply dock application for archlinux

Docky is an advanced shortcut bar / dock application that sits at the edges of your screen. It provides easy access to applications, folders, or some files on your computer, displays which applications are currently running, holds windows in their minimized state and more.

Official Docky Sites and Documentation:

Installation on Archlinux:
$sudo pacman -S docky

To run docky, open start menu -> Accesories -> Docky or type "docky" in the terminal.

Here's default docky UI:
To set the position of Docky, right click on docky area, then choose settings, the docky will be able to move / drag into any position that you like. Just choose the docky bar area then move using mouse by drag and drop.
By default the docky will make windows force to down under docky like these:
To configure go to setting then choose dock configuration that you like, you can also add more option such zoom, panel mode, and 3D Background:
There are 8 default theme on docky, to add more themes you can install from, or see the wiki here:

Ok that's it. To make it autostart, just set it on with your current Desktop environment.

Enjoy docky on archlinux. :)
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