Monday, October 24, 2016

Record Arch Linux Desktop using recordMyDesktop

recordMyDesktop is a desktop session recorder for GNU / linux that attemps to be easy to use, yet also effective at it's primary task.

Official sites and documentation:

Installation in archlinux:
$sudo pacman -S recordmydesktop

For  QT/GTK Gui interface of recordmydesktop, you can install these frontend:
$sudo pacman -S gtk-recordmydesktop
$sudo pacman -S qt-recordmydesktop

Here's the GUI of gtk-recordmydesktop:

By default it will record all entire screen. To record custom windows, just choose "Select Window":

you can also adjust video and sound quality, or open Advanced for more settings:
Set working directory for recording

Set performance, encode on the fly, frame per second, zero compression, quick subsampling, and full shots at every frame.

Sound setting (channel & frequency), enable jack for audio capture.

Miscellaneous settings, (Follow mouse, MIT-Shm extension, Include windows decorations, tooltips, outline capture area, reset)

When done, then start "record" for recording desktop screen.

Here's video sample that capture with recordmydesktop.

Ok that's it enjoy Recordmydesktop on archlinux.


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