Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to connect Android Phone on Archlinux as Internet

connect Android Phone on Archlinux as Internet. Well, i just have a android phone for internet connection. Since 2.2 version of android. To connect phone on pc as internet is easy and simple. If you have wifi, you can use wifi tethering features, or you can use usb tethering if your pc doesn't have wifi card.

USB Tethering in Archlinux

For this example, i'm using usb tethering. Just plug in usb on pc. Then on android open Settings, choose more, and tap on tethering & portable hotspot.

Tap on USB tethering.

Now on archlinux machines. USB devices will be list as usb0, and just connect it using dhcpcd.

#dhcpcd usb0

Done. You are connected to internet now. :D
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