Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Installing festival in archlinux - general multi-lingual speech synthesis system

Festival - General multi lingual speech synthesis system. Festival offers a general framework for building speech synthesis systems and contains examples of different modules. As a whole, it provides full-text for speech via a number of APIs: from shell level, although a Scheme command interpreter, as a C ++ library, from Java and an Emacs interface. The festival is multilingual (currently English (British and American) and Spanish) although English is the most advanced. Other groups release new languages ​​for the system. And complete tools and documentation for building new voices are available through Carnegie Mellon's FestVox project (http://festvox.org)

Official sites:

Installation in archlinux

Installing festival and english voice
$sudo pacman -S festival festival-english

Testing festival
$echo "Arch linux user dot com." | festival --tts

Installation from Source code

If it is show segmentation fault then you can wait the festival update from official repository, or you can install a newer version of festival from source code. It's avaiable in festvox.org


Download all listed files:
Installing festival in archlinux - general multi-lingual speech synthesis system
Then Download Default Voices in voices folder : http://festvox.org/packed/festival/2.5/voices/

Extract festival and speech_tools in a new folder. "festivalfolder" for example:
Go to festival then type make:
$cd festivalfolder
$cd festival
To avoid conflict with official festival package you must remove all official festival package before doing make, when done doing make, the binary will be created and will be available in ~/festivalfolder/festival/bin, you can run the binary form that folder, but before you run the festival binary, you need to extract the lib files from festlex_CMU, festlex_OALD, festlex_POSLEX, and festvox_kallpc16k.tar.gz into ~/festivalfolder/festival/lib/
after that you can run ./festival in festival bin folder.
Then test by typing (SayText "...") Here's for the example
festival> (SayText "Hello")

Installing festival in archlinux - general multi-lingual speech synthesis system

For more documentation you can see in Archlinux Wiki:

Ok that's about installing Festival in archlinux. :)
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