Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to mount iso/img file on Archlinux without root user

To mount ISO/Img file on archlinux you can use normall way, using "mount". But it needs root user password. How about using normal user, yes it can. By using fuseiso tools.

FuseISO is a FUSE module to mount ISO filesystem images (.iso, .nrg, .bin, .mdf and .img files). It currently support plain ISO9660 Level 1 and 2, Rock Ridge, Joliet, and zisofs.
Official Site:

To install on archlinux:
$sudo pacman -S fuseiso

To mount iso:
$mkdir ~/yourdirectory
$fuseiso your.iso ~/yourdirectory/

To Unmount:
Close your filemanager, then restart the terminal, close other terminal if still up.
$fusermount -u ~/iso

Here's for example:

How to mount iso/img file on Archlinux without root user

That's the most common command, for the specific you can list by typing.
$fuseiso --help
useiso: invalid option -- '-'
Version: 20070708
Usage: fuseiso [-n] [-p] [-c <iocharset>] [-h] <isofs_image_file> <mount_point> [<FUSE library options>]
Where options are:
    -n                 -- do NOT maintain file $HOME/.mtab.fuseiso
    -p                 -- maintain mount point;
                          create it if it does not exists and delete it on exit
    -c <iocharset>     -- specify iocharset for Joliet filesystem
    -h                 -- print this screen

Common FUSE library options are:
    -f                 -- run in foreground, do not daemonize
    -d                 -- run in foreground and print debug information
    -s                 -- run single-threaded

Please consult with FUSE ducumentation for more information

Ok that's it, enjoy Fuse Iso on Archlinux
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