Saturday, July 22, 2017

Money Manager Ex - personal finance software for archlinux

Money Manager Ex is a cross-platform, free and open source easy-to-use personal finance software. Money Manager Ex primarily helps organize one's finances and keeps track of where, when and how the money goes. This software is also a great tool to get a bird's eye view of your financial worth.

Money Manager Ex includes all the basic features that 90% of users would want to see in a personal finance application. The design goals are to concentrate on simplicity and user-friendliness - something one can use everyday.

Installation on archlinux:
$sudo  pacman -S moneymanagerex

Too run programe
or it is in on Office menu

Welcome screen of money manager Ex:

To create new database, choose "Create a New Database", then locate the file that you want to.

You will see a New Database Wizard:

Choose Next to set currency;

Choose finish to Add Account Wizard, then next, then choose type of account.
Then write your name account, then choose finish. Here's the summary.
Then ok, Money Manager ex is ready to use.

Main features of Money Manager EX:
Intuitive, simple, fast, clean, Checking, credit card, savings, stock investment, assets accounts, Budgeting and cash flow forecasting, Reminders for recurring deposits and bills, Simple one click reporting with graphs and piecharts, Import data from any CSV format, QIF, International language support (available in 24 languages), Non-Proprietary SQLite Database with AES Encryption

It's also available on other platform : Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac, for Windows platform, there's portable version that you does not require an install: can run from a USB key.

For more documentation you can visit MMex official sites:

Ok that's it enjoy.. :)
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