Sunday, May 5, 2013

How to Install Yaourt for Installing AUR packages on Archlinux

Archlinux have User Repository a.k.a AUR. To install from them, you can do it manually by download the PKGBUILD and makepkg to build the package and install it.

But it will take time when you install AUR packages that have dependency on aur too. To make it simple, you can use Yaourt. This software will install AUR packages and also take care dependencies too.

To install Yaourt:
Install Package Query First
$tar -xvzf package-query.tar.gz
$cd package-query
$makepkg -s
$sudo pacman -U *.pkg.tar.xz

Then install yaourt packages:
$tar -xvzf yaourt.tar.gz
$cd yaourt
$makepkg -s
$sudo pacman -U *.pkg.tar.xz


For Usage.

Installing packages
$yaourt -S aurpackagename

Upgrade Packages
$yaourt -U aurpackagename

Upgrade System & AUR
$yaourt -Syua
This will update system and also AUR packages

Remove packages
$yaourt -R aurpackagename

For more help
$yaourt -h

Ok that's it now you can install AUR Packages easily using yaourt command. If you want to try Pacman GUI you can install PacmanXG4.

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