Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to install HP Deskjet 1000 on Archlinux

Last week i buy a new printer, it's HP Deskjet 1000. On the box only included with windows driver on CD. On windows 7 the printer looks fine. Now i want this printer work to on Archlinux. Here's some my step to make this printer work on Archlinux.

1. Installing CUPS & HPLIP
$sudo pacman -S cups hplip

2. Enable CUPS
$sudo systemctl enable cups

3. Download PPD File for HP Deskjet 1000
Download PPD File from here:1000c

Or From my google drive.

4. Add user to lp group
$sudo gpasswd -a username lp

5. Setup HP Deskjet 1000
open terminal then.
$sudo hp-setup -i
Press Enter or insert "0"

it will be error PPD file, click yes to choose the path
type the /path/to/file.ppd then just hit enter, if you get cups error, restart cups.
$sudo systemctl restart cups
$sudo hp-setup -i

Do same as above, until you get "adding print queue....", it will look like this.

You will be testing a print. That's it now your printer is working now. and it's available on printing menu. For example, Libreoffice see below:

Here, some video perform printing on Archlinux.
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