Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to Install Gnome 3 on Archlinux with some Basic extensions

GNOME 3 provides a modern desktop environment, rewritten from scratch, using the GTK3+ toolkit. GNOME 3 is available on official Archlinux repository.

$sudo pacman -S gnome gnome-extra gnome-tweak-tool

For Login Manager you can use LXDM or GDM
$sudo pacman -S lxdm
$sudo pacman -S gdm

then enable it:
$sudo systemctl enable lxdm
$sudo systemctl enable gdm

I prefer using lxdm than gdm because it's fast than gdm. But for prefer looks gdm is best.

After you installing gnome, then restart, and login with gnome session.

Here's default of gnome 3.

Default Start Menu is available on Activities

Window List (also on activities)

That's default of Gnome 3, for me it's not look comfortable, but don't worry Gnome 3 have extensions for customize your gnome 3.

Here's some extensions that maybe useful to make gnome 3 comfortable. One click install from web. (you must integrate gnome 3 with browser, there will be notification if you open it).

To enable extensions after installation, open Tweak Tools, and go to Shell Extensions, then turn on to enable.

1. Apps Menu / Start Menu

Applications Menu

Slingshot App launcher:

2. Desktop Icons

Desktop Icons:

After you enable on Tweak tools, enable it from user option.

And here's some desktop icons that avilable:

3. Windows List

Classic Windows List:

Alternative way you can use cairo-dock to make looks eyecandy. :D (this not gnome extensions).

Ok that's it.
Enjoy GNOME 3 on Archlinux
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