Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to install dosbox and running the games/apps on Archlinux

Dosbox is a DOS emulator to run old dos games, althought it's specially for gaming purpose, but it can run a software like qbasic, lotus, etc. Dosbox is available on archlinux official repository.

To install it.
$sudo pacman -S dosbox

Okay now how to run the games, if you not familiar with dos or terminal emulator. Dos application/games, using .exe, .bat, & .com command to run the games/apps. So you must know where the application executor is located.

The simples way is right click on .exe/.bat/.com files, then open with, choose application, or type the commands (this is for the first time after installing dosbox).

Then for the next time, just right click then open with dosbox emulator directly.

Okay that's the basic way to run application on dosbox. With some click, but if you want run dosbox application manually, open Dosbox, you will see dosbox terminal with z:

Then to mount directory as C:
For example your directory /home/username/dosbox

Z:/mount c /home/username/dosbox

Now you can run the dos application. for this example the apps is qbasic.

Now how to mount image, floppy, cdrom, on dosbox, you must find the folder of mounted cdrom, floppy, image, etc. Example, your cdrom drive is located to.


To mount cdrom on dosbox
mount d /media/nameofcd -t cdrom -usecd 0 -ioctl
Now your iso images is mounted on D, to open D
To mount floppy change cdrom to floppy (without -usecd 0 -ioctl).

How about iso images, the easy way mount it first on archlinux by fusemount (no need root),
to install on archlinux ->
$sudo pacman -S fuseiso
To mount iso
$fuseiso /path/to/your.imgoriso /path/to/youruserfolder
To unmount
$fusermount -u /path/to/mountedfolder
Here's the example:

Now you can mount iso images, by using mount cdrom way on dosbox.  For multiple mount, you can change d, into f, g, h, etc.

That's it enjoy dosbox apps on arclinux.
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