Monday, July 8, 2013

Fix "Filter Failed" when printing using HP Deskjet 1000 on Archlinux

Someday ago, when printing a document using HP Deskjet 1000, my cartidge suddenly empty, so i remove the paper when printing. Then i can't continue printing. When printing i have a "Filter Failed" Notification.

After doing try and error i got solution, using cups from browser. 

Open Browser then go to this URL: 
Then the browser will be open: 

Choose Administration, then choose manage printer. 

Choose printer that get "Filter Failed" error: 

Choose maintenance, then resume printer: 

The printer will resume your printing. Or if not any jobs for printing it will be "idle" status. 

If it's not work:
Check your Cartridge, Empty Cartridge / Damage Cartridge also can cause filter failed problem. :)

That's it. Enjoy. :)
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