Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More about LX Panel on Archlinux LXDE

LXPanel, is a default panel on LXDE desktop. Some post ago i write about window list/task bar Box style icon on LXPanel, on this post i want to share more about LXPanel.

Okay, Let's know more about LXPanel.
LXPanel Basic
- Add/Remove Items.
If you right click on panel, on item, or elsewhere on panel (except system tray) there will show menu, for this example i right click on task bar. To remove item quickly simply click on remove menu. To add/remove more item click on add/remove panel items.

Here's the menu of Add/remove Panel items.
To arrange items, simply click on item, then up to move on left, down, to move on right.

Here's the defaults items on LXPANEL:

1. Start Menu
This is the main menu on LXDE, here's the default interface:
If you right click on LXPanel, Then click on "Menu Settings" you can change icon start menu easily.

3. Application Launch Bar
This is for quick application launcher. By default it's available besides of start menu.

To add more apps shortcut, just click on any icons, then click on "Application Launchbar Settings":

3. Windows List/Task Bar
This is for switch application to another, i was post about it before, you can see more here.

4. System Tray
This places, for placing Network Manager, Wicd, pidgin, messenger apps, etc.

5. Clock & Calendar
This is Default clock & calendar of LXDE
But on clock/calendar settings, there's no option to change the time/date. You can use this methods to change time on archlinux.

Ok above item is the standar default panel, to add more items. You can see the panel preferences (see above about LXpanel basics) choose add.

And here's more item available on LXPanel:

Choose that you like, then enjoy LXPanel on LXDE.
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