Sunday, September 18, 2016

Terminal emulator that support background image on Archlinux

There are a lot of terminal emulator application in archlinux, but if you want to find terminal emulator that support setting image as background, there are two interesting apps in archlinux. They are XFCE Terminal and Terminator. Gnome-Terminal had those features, but in latest version, background image was disabled.

Installation on archlinux:
XFCE4 Terminal:
#pacman -S xfce4-terminal

#pacman -S terminator

Setting the background image.


1. Open xfce4-terminal
2. Choose Edit
3. Choose preferences
4. Choose "Appearance" Tab
5. Choose background -> "Background Image"
6. Select any background image in file.
7. Adjust style and transparancy. (if you have png with transparent background it will be transparent too).
8. Here's a sample (using scanlines background)
9. Done. :D


1. open terminator
2. Right click on terminator, then choose preferences.
3. Choose profiles, then choose "background" tab
4. Select "Background Image", find image file that you want to set as background image.

5. Adjust transparent, when done, choose close, here the snapshot:
6. Done.

That's it, have fun with terminal emulator.
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