Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to show archlinux system information in cli using archey & screenfetch

If you want to show system information in terminal/shell/konsole on archlinux, there are two command to show archlinux system information with ascii style. Screenfetch & Archey.

Screenfetch is available on official repository, then archey available on AUR.
For installation: 
$sudo pacman -S screenfetch

$yaourt -S archey
The AUR link:‎

After install it then try it out, just type it on terminal/konsole/shell on your archlinux.



To make it auto show when opening terminal/shell/konsole, add the command on .bashrc files.
$nano ~/.bashrc
add the end of the line "screenfetch" or "archey", then save it.

Now when you opening the terminal/shell/konsole, archey/screenfetch will auto show it.. :)
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