Monday, April 29, 2013

How to Install Naver LINE on Archlinux

LINE is application from Naver. LINE is free call/messenger application for mobile devices. It's available for Android, Iphone, Blackberry, and also windows Phone. Besides mobile devices, LINE also available for desktop. And at this time only for windows & mac operating system that LINE support it.

How about Linux. Well there's another way to run LINE on Archlinux. Install W.I.N.E then install it. :D

But I can't get it running well, when i want to login in. It crash. So i look into google, then found a solution from here.

I must install the vcrun2008 first. After that, LINE works perfects.

Okay here's the step.

1. Download LINE Naver (Windows version)

2. You must have a email & password that registered on your phone.

3. Install wine & winetricks.
$sudo pacman -S wine winetricks
4. Install vcrun2008
$winetricks vcrun2008
5. Install LINE installer (LineInst.exe).

6. Run Line, then login with your email & password.

7. Done & Enjoy.

Here's the snapshot.

How to Install Naver LINE on Archlinux

Have fun. :)
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