Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to record desktop into GIF using byzanz on Archlinux

If you see my posts before, you will see some picture that i embed on post is animated (gif format). I create it using byzanz software. This software is available on AUR.

Byzanz is depends on some gnome packages, if you using LXDE, openbox. You can't get running in GUI mode. Byzanz icon only show on Gnome Panel. But you can running byzanz on any desktop environment but with CLI commands. :D

Okay install byzanz, from AUR, for easy way to install using PacmanXG4.
Here's to install byzanz (click to enlarge):

If you using gnome-panel, just add into panel. For non gnome-panel open terminal then type byzanz-record --help-all, to see the function, here's some command on byzanz:

For recording desktop into gif, i usually using -c (cursor), -d (time to record), -x , &- y, for this example i record the above gif animation, here's the command:

$byzanz-record -c -x 400 -y 500 -d 15 test.gif

If you using x-y coordinate, the area cannot be set to small size on top left,  but only on bottom and bottom right of the screen. :(

byzanz is gnome-applet so for GUI settings only work on gnome panel.

There are no solution of this, alternative way using recordmydesktop to record any desktop environment, but for gif record byzanz is still the bests.

For record entire desktop

$byzanz-record -c -d 15 test.gif

But the larger resolution will get the bigger size, and if you have little memory/ram, your ram will be exhaust.

I don't use gnome yet. So i don't have snapshot about byzanz on GUI mode.
But enjoy this apps on Archlinux.
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