Monday, September 11, 2017

How to Install Plasma / KDE Desktop on Archlinux

KDE was my first time desktop environment when i meet with linux operating system. It was KDE 3.5 six years ago. Now kde is more better, that i want to install it again in archlinux system.

My current archlinux system is using LXDE Desktop Environment, and have login manager (LXDM), so plasma/KDE will be autodetect on LXDM. You can search on my blog about LXDM.

Install KDE/Plasma Desktop:
$sudo pacman -S plasma plasma-meta

Logout and login with Plasma desktop (I'm using LXDM). If you have problem such as "Could not sync environment to DBUS" just reboot or restart archlinux.

Here's default KDE/Plasma Desktop on Archlinux:

Start menu & File manager:

About System / KDE version:

Software center (Application & Plasma add-on):

GUI System settings:

Ok that's about installing kde. :)
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