Monday, June 17, 2013

How to Setup Time & Date (GUI) on Archlinux

By default if you want to change system time & date, you can use timedatectl command. You can follow from archwiki to set the time.

Here's the link

To see current hardware clock.
$timedatectl status

To set the time:
#timedatectl set-time “YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS”

But how about GUI Time Settings/configuration, I found some good apps to set time with GUI Mode, you can use gnome-control-center. And will be usefull for desktop like lxde, xfce, and another wm/de that not have time/date GUI settings. But it needs some MB to downloads... if you like to set time/date on CLI/Manually you can skip this. :p

Make sure your system is update to latest

$sudo pacman -S gnome-control-center
Run gnome control center datetime
$gnome-control-center datetime

How to Setup Time & Date (GUI) on Archlinux

Choose unlock and enter your root password. Now you can setup time & date directly on Archlinux with GUI mode.

How to Setup Time & Date (GUI) on Archlinux

Then create apps menu:
$sudo nano /usr/share/applications/timesettings.desktop
add this:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Time Settings
Exec=gnome-control-center datetime

Then save it. Now the shortcut will be available on system menu. For this example on XFCE Desktop below.

How to Setup Time & Date (GUI) on Archlinux

For WM like fluxbox, icewm, you can update the list using mmaker.
Ok that's it.
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