Monday, March 21, 2016

Install Deepin Desktop Environment on Archlinux

Hi, there, long time since the last post, i never update my blog. My system still using archlinux, i never re installed the system almost 4 years, the system still stable until now. Just keep rolling with pacman -Syu. Now i'm getting bored that almost 4 years using LXDE, then i walking to archlinux wiki, and found the interesting Desktop Environment, it's Deepin, Desktop Environment that originally developed by Deepin Linux developer. Okay let's try it before i'm getting old... :p
Booting up the system, i'm using toshiba satellite C640 triple boot with Windows 8.1 and Android-x86.

Deepin Desktop Environment Installation

For Installation:
$sudo pacman -S deepin

Starting the Deepin Desktop Environment

There are list, i just enter, to install all. And that's it, the Deepin Desktop environment is installed. And you can configure the login manager to start Deepin. I'm still using LXDM, and Deepin is autodetected, so just login with LXDM. :)

Deepin Screenshot:

Here's default Deepin Desktop Environment on archlinux.
It's look simple, just with dock icon, and the launcher menu looks similar with gnome 3, but it's easy.

For the setting, just hover the mouse in the corner of desktop.
If you want to change the dockbar, looks like win7/8/10 style, just right click on the dockbarx, then the following options:
Fashion mode -> default dockbar
Efficient mode -> looks like windows 7/8/10
Classic mode -> looks like windows xp.
And how about the performance, it's smooth and light on my system. my desktop looks new and fresh than before (compare to LXDE :D). Here's the task manager, heavy or not it depend on your application or how you using the computer. I'm just running the firefox and file manager only.

Ok that's it
Enjoy.. :)
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