Saturday, October 1, 2016

Deepin Screenshot on Archlinux

Deepin-Screenshot is built in screenshot application for Deepin desktop environment, but in archlinux, after installing Deepin Desktop environment, Deepin Screenshot is not installed. So you need to install with pacman in archlinux.

$sudo pacman -S deepin-screenshot

Deepin Screenshot is installed.

Here's the Default keys of Deepin Screenshot:

PRINTSCREEN : direct entire screen capture and save it to desktop. It can be changed later.

CTRL + PRINTSCREEN : delay screen capture and it can select any windows, custom screenshot, or capture entire screen.

CTRL +ALT + PRINTSCREEN : Direct screen capture with customize options:

Customize Deepin-Screenshot:

If you choose ctrl +alt + Printscreen (direct) or, CTRL + Printscreen (Delay) you can customize the screenshot like this below.

Full snapshot:

Selected windows screencapture:

Custom screencapture:

Althought this apps is just for taking screenshot, but deepin-screenshot have added features below:

Draw & Annotation
you can add Square, circle, arrows, annotation & text to your screen that you captured.

Saving options:
If you choose save to specified folder, the default PRINTSCREEN will open directory menu for save to specified folder.

Sharing menu:
You can share to twiter or weibo.

Okay, that's about Deepin Screenshot on Archlinux.
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