Sunday, September 10, 2017

WGet - command-line download manager in archlinux

Wget or GNU WGet is a software that retrieves content from webserver. It's part of the GNU Project. Wget support downloading through HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP.

Wget Features:
- Can resume aborted downloads
- Can use filename wild cards and recursively mirror directories
- NLS-based message files for many differen languages.
More features you can see on :

Installation on archlinux:
$sudo pacman -S wget

Basic usage:
To download file from internet

$wget urlnamefile


Continue download of broken links:
$wget -c urlnamefile

If your internet have trouble and want to continue download, this option will be help to continue your download. It's also useful to if you have something problem like network error in google chrome. Just copy your download links in chrome, then open terminal, locate to chrome downloads folder, then continue with wget -c chromedownloadfileurl

Download a complete website
To download a complete website you can use this options

$wget -np -r -k urlnamefile

To see more options of wget
$wget --help

For more documentation you can visit here:

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