Sunday, August 28, 2016

Elinks - free text-based console web browser - Archlinux

ELinks is a free text-based web browser for Unix-like operating systems. Elinks was forked from Links.

Elinks Official sites:

Elinks Features:
  • Lots of protocols (local files, finger, http, https, ftp, smb, ipv4, ipv6)
  • Authentication (HTTP authentication, Proxy authentication)
  • Persistent cookies
  • Cute menus and dialogs
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Support for browser scripting (Perl, Lua, Guile)
  • Tables and frames rendering 
  • Colors 
  • Background (non-blocking) downloads
More features can be read on their sites:

Installation on archlinux:
$sudo pacman -S elinks

To run Elinks, you can open on start menu, or by typing "elinks" on terminal. Here's the welcome menu of Elinks.
Press ok, then open the url that you want to browser:

Here's this sites look a like:

Well if you want to read sites with a simply way, maybe you can try Elinks. For navigating here's quick tips for using Elinks

Keyboard button
G - to open new URL
E - To Show menu
Left button - Go Back
U - Go Forward
A - Bookmark
CTRL-R - reload
C - Close tab
Q - To quit Elinks
X - To reload
O - Option

That's the default key, but if you want to edit by your self you can press "K" button to setup the key binding.

Ok that's it, you can explore Elinks browser by yourself, enjoy.
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