Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How to Install KDE Desktop Environment on Archlinux

KDE Software Compilation is the set of frameworks, workspaces, and applications produced by KDE to create a beautiful, functional and free desktop computing environment for Linux and similar operating systems. It consists of a large number of individual applications and a desktop workspace as a shell to run these applications. 

Archwiki URL:

Make sure you installed archlinux (minimal install) with Internet Connection.

Then Type these command to install Full KDE 4 Desktop.

$sudo pacman -S kde

For Minimal KDE install

$sudo pacman -S kdebase

KDE using kdm login manager by default. After installation of KDE, 

$sudo systemctl enable kdm

For login manager you can try another like slim or lxdm. :)

That's it, then reboot.

Choose KDE on your login manager, then login. :)

Here's my Archlinux with KDE.. :D


Dolphin Manager

About KDE
Ok. That's it Enjoy KDE.. :D
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