Monday, January 14, 2013

How to install Gparted on Archlinux

Gparted is partition tools software, this software can create, manage, resize, format, delete partition, etc. This software available on archlinux repository.
To install it with Ntfs, fat32, reiser, xfs, nilfs support type like this below:

#pacman -S gparted gpart nilfs-utils jfsutils ntfsprogs reiserfsprogs xfsprogs

If you still didn't install polkit-gnome, install it to make gparted able to run directly from menu.

#pacman -S polkit-gnome

Here's Gparted User interface:

How to install Gparted on Archlinux

This apps for me is "must have" partition application, because this tools make installation of another distribution more easy when setting up partition. And also with this tools i can also format the flash disk/ hard disk, resize windows partition, etc.

Here's more snapshot of gparted

How to install Gparted on Archlinux
Resize & Move Partition
How to install Gparted on Archlinux
Format to another type of partition.

Before applying your set up, make sure you partition is correct , to prevent lost data. If you sure then click on apply to change into your setup.

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