Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Installing Appimage in Archlinux | Linux apps that run anywhere

Appimage. AppImage is a downloadable file for Linux that contains the application and everything it needs to run (libraries, icons, fonts, translations, etc.).

More about app image :

What it say on their websites:

The key idea of the AppImage format is one app = one file. Every AppImage contains an app and all the files the app needs to run. In other words, each AppImage has no dependencies other than what is included in the targeted base operating system(s).

AppImage format is ideal for upstream packaging, which means that you get the software directly from the original author(s) without any intermediaries, exactly in the way the author(s) intended. And quickly.

AppImages can be downloaded and run without installation or the need for root rights.

Installation in archlinux:
Appimage packages available on Archlinux User Repository. (AUR)

Installation from terminal:
$mkdir AUR
$cd AUR
$wget -c
$tar -xvzf appimage-git.tar.gz
$cd appimage-git
$makepkg -s
$sudo pacman -U *.pkg.tar.xz
Modprobe Fuse, if it's wont run the AppImage package
$sudo modprobe fuse
Example Usage:
Go to : (using chromium browser)

Click to Download:
On terminal:
$chmod a+x downloadedfile.AppImage

If you using file manager : (PCmanfm for this example).
Right click on downloaded.AppImage then properties, set permissions, change "Execute" to anyone, then ok.
That's it. Now AppImage will ready to "double click" to run.. :), here for example, Caster Sound Board:
Enjoy.. :)
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