Thursday, January 17, 2013

How to change LXDE task bar / window list into Smooth task/Dockbarx/Win7 style on Archlinux

If you want to change windows list / task bar on LXDE into Smooth task (KDE) style, dockbarx (gnome), or win7 windowlist. LXDE have this feature before that style is exists.

By default windows list or task bar on LXDE desktop after you installing on archlinux, it  looks like this.

If you see smooth task on KDE it looks like this:

If you see dockbarx on gnome it looks like this:

On windows 7:

Now on LXDE.
1. Right Click on Window List / TaskBar panel.
2. And choose Taskbar windows list settings
3. The window will popup, then check icons only.

4. And here's the results

Now it looks better, but it depends on theme you choose. :D

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